Turn your old PC into powerful NAS

FreeNAS is a free, open source BSD-based operating system that can turn your old PC into a rock-solid file server. I walk you through a basic installation, setting up a simple file share, and setting things up so you can access your files from anywhere over the Internet using the encrypted secure FTP over SSH option.

  • Download FreeNas and burn the iso with your favorite application.
  • Boot the PC with the iso cd you just burned.
  • Follow the instructions. You would end up with a screen says that you could access the NAS through http://, let's say in my case.

As soon as you go to the browser and hit the address  a simple wizard appears:

  • hint a: click on pictures to see them clearly

As soon as the wizard starts asking question the first step is to find disk to configure. As you can see in the above picture there is nothing found. When a usb disk is connected immediately is read by the system. Beware everything on the external hard disk is going to be erased.


Next question in the wizard when the disk finishes is active directory details. If you have AD place all the details, otherwise click next to bypass this setting.


On the next screen please choose a share name for  the windows share, choose Windows (CIFS) or accordingly to your needs and press add to add the disk.

Next screen is to enter all the mail details as well all mail server details and press Send Test Mail button in order to successfully receive a message from freenas.
nas3This was the final step. If you succeed until here, by pressing next all the settings (pending) taken into action.
nas5It takes only few moments the process and then the main GUI is appeared.
nas8First of all create a user and assign to it its home directory.
nas9When finish with user, start run using unc path \\ a prompt is appearing.
nas10A numerous plugins are available and configurable to download through freenas control panel.
nas13My purpose was not to demo all the details this would happen in other time, but what next is to connect this machine to the outside world and make it 24x7 ready for your files. So you will have all your files whenever you are go. First create a dynamic dns account.

After that, you are ready  to access remotely your freenas from anywhere with ssh and sftp. Use your preferable tools for that. Last step, please configure your router with dynamic dns and all the necessary port forwarding traffic.




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